School Profile

  • Mill Park Primary School is a dynamic school inspiring lifelong learning. Mill Park Primary School is working together to empower all through quality education.

  • Our school is committed to providing the highest quality education through the recognition of individual learning styles, effective communication, team work, continuous improvement and the development of a sense of belonging. The core purpose of Mill Park Primary School is student learning and it is the shared vision of all associated with the school that students will learn to the best of their abilities to develop skills which will equip them for life.

    The expansion of the information and communication technology program into all facets of the curriculum is ever increasing with the use of desktop computers, laptops and ipads within the classroom. Our weekly wellbeing program incorporates our 4 school values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence, aspects of Respectful Relationships and the incorporation of School Wide Positive Behaviour. Whole school events are conducted annually to embrace and enrich home-school relationships and enhance the development of a learning community.

    Our goal is to provide experiences for students that develop a strong sense of belonging, leadership qualities, resilience, engagement and motivation to learn, as well as developing a strong sense of values, in line with the school’s  Inclusion  and Diversity Policy. Student attendance continues to be positive with all Year Levels achieving above 90% attendance rate. The school will continue promoting improved levels of attendance through the implementation of strategies and programs that target levels of absence and late arrivals.  

    The school continues to build teacher capacity to implement a rigorous approach to teaching and classroom management that supports an engaging and challenging learning environment. The ‘start-up’ unit of work at the beginning of each school year continues to be a feature of developing a sense of belonging for all students, including the identification of class and school values, establishment of processes and teamwork.

    Our goal is to provide experiences for all students that enhance readiness and enthusiasm to continue the next step in their learning, including starting school, moving between year levels or into secondary colleges, in a resilient, confident and enthusiastic way. The school continues to have ongoing positive relationships with the local preschools. The kinder children visit the school for a transition program over 5 weeks in Term 4. The Prep and Year 6 Buddy Program is a feature of welcoming and inducting the new students into our school.

    An intra-school transition program occurs in Term 4 where all year levels link with the following year’s students and teachers. This program prepares students for their entry into the next year level. The focus of this program is developing a sense of belonging, learning about expectations of the new year level and developing a cooperative team approach to learning. 

    Year 6 students participate in all relevant transition programs offered by local secondary colleges. The school continues to review its transition processes and programs from pre-school to school, from year to year, transferring into the school, and moving from primary to secondary settings.    

    The employment of a Welfare Officer has ensured students are well supported in all emotional and social aspects of their school life.