Principal's Welcome

  • The core purpose of Mill Park Primary School is student learning. It is the shared vision of all associated with the school that students will learn to the best of their abilities and develop skills which will equip them for life. As a school, we see ourselves as a community of learners, eager to learn, to improve and to do our best at all times. Our values underpin all that we do and we want our students to become resilient and optimistic. It is our continual wish that all students would find their school experience a truly positive and memorable one. Our teachers seek to empower students to actively seek out learning opportunities and to proactively make good choices in life.

    Teaching in the modern era brings challenges for us all. The need to guide our children to become literate, numerate and curious continues to be an important priority. The technological age allows us opportunity to make this a far more interesting journey and our school aims to be at the forefront of skilling the children in the use of the ever-changing tools that will be a regular and important part of their personal and vocational lives.

    Mill Park Primary School takes pride in its strong sense of community. Parents and staff share a common goal to develop in our children a confident sense of self-worth, a desire for excellence and a sense of responsibility to help build a better world. The school believes its children can be inspired to reach their goals when there is a strong partnership between home and school. It is important that:
    • learning is valued, thinking encouraged and creativity and imagination fostered
    • teachers are keen to share a love of learning with their students
    • a wealth of learning opportunities and challenges are offered
    • parents participate in many facets of school life, including classroom involvement, excursions, parents groups, fundraising, etc
    • special programs are offered in a range of curriculum and student wellbeing areas
    • a comprehensive transition program is offered for Prep and Year 6 students, and the school also ensures students are well prepared for the next stage in their educational journey
    • the life of our students is enriched through an exciting range of programs and activities that include performing and visual arts, sports, choir, chess, lunchtime and after school activities
    • student wellbeing is fostered by linking learning and wellbeing to create a positive school culture.

    We have a dedicated and friendly staff at Mill Park Primary School. I encourage members of the school community to become involved in our school and help us in strengthening the wonderful teamwork that exists and in making this journey one which encourages our children to confidently and willingly become lifelong learners.

    — Lu Alessi